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What's our "secret sauce" at LaHave?

We can almost guarantee that your stay at the LaHave River Campground will be unlike any other camping trip you’ve experienced. We felt the magic of this space as soon as we set foot here as new owners, and we regularly hear from campers what a special place this is. So we’re going to try our best to put into words why this is in this little blog post…


Although we’re only a half hour away from world-renowned tourist towns and beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, your drive to the LaHave River Campground is going to bring you into the sticks of Nova Scotia. And when you come down the hill into the campground, you are going to feel like you are a million miles away from anything!  

Our little 15 acre property is privately nestled in a forested area along a subset of the LaHave River. There’s a bit of magic to be felt on this land. It’s hard to describe, but between the sights and sounds of nature, as well as all ages gathering and playing together, it’s magical.

From the moment you check in at the office, you'll be warmly welcomed in as we would with our own friends and family. As young small business owners, we truly appreciate when people bring their business to LaHave. And we want you to have the best fricking time while you’re with us!  

It’s not just us who will welcome you.. With just under 90 sites, we’re a good mix of overnight campers and seasonal families here at LaHave. Our seasonals are the backbone of our little community, and you can expect to be welcomed in by them despite age, background, walk of life, etc.

Our seasonal kids range in age from toddlers to teens, and it’s pretty common for kids to make quick friends and run off playing together. With it being such a quaint campground, and part of our culture that the adults watch out for all kids, they can truly be kids and run around and play.

As for the adults, we encourage you to walk around and say hello to your fellow campers. You can expect to meet some amazing people while floating in the river, sitting around a bonfire, or at one of our many events and activities. You might even be invited up onto someone’s deck for a shooter!

If you’re not a social butterfly and are looking for more peace and quiet, no problem. You can engage with the community as much or as little as you want to. Just know that you’ll be welcomed, and that we’d recommend camping on a weekday when the camp is quite dead, or a weekend during the shoulder seasons.

We don’t mean to make it sound like we’re perfect down here, because we’re not... This isn’t a pristine provincial park. Our campsites aren't large, or perfectly level for that matter. And there is always something under construction as we work on rebuilding this campground for the community. But it is just that - a community. We’ve got a whole lot of heart down at LaHave, and we invite you to come check that out for yourself!

We’re open May 10th – October 13th this year. Consider booking a campsite or tiny cabin, and checking out an event or two. We look forward to hosting you!


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