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One year ago today...

One year ago today, we announced that we were the new owners of the LaHave River Campground.

One year ago today, we had just left our jobs behind. We had sold our house and most of our things.

One year ago today, we had just taken a big leap and purchased a property we’d never seen, in a province only one of us had been to before.

And we know how crazy we seemed to most people. But to us, it was crazy to stay in the city and to continue in the rat race we were in.

There was an internal knowing that this was the right move for us, the right place for us. And now that we have spent a year here, we know we were right.

It’s honestly not possible to describe the sense of community, of family, that we’ve found here.

There are those that have followed along online and supported us from afar. And there are those near to us that are there to listen and help on the harder days, as well as to celebrate with us on the incredible ones.

Please know that your kind words and thoughtful gestures, big and small, have been noticed, felt and so greatly appreciated.

And the campground is thriving! With half of the season behind us now, we have so many incredible memories campfires, swims, meals and events with you all!

We have so much work ahead of us still getting this space to where we would like it to be for our campers and for our community. And for now, we celebrate it for exactly what it is – a magical little place in the heart of the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Here’s to many more years ahead!

Jamie Lee, Kalen and Tundra


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