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Our Blue-Collar Christmas

Christmas snuck up on us! We're going to blame this on living in the bush at the campground, and being away from the usual holiday hustle and bustle of the city. But in all reality, the three of us can all be quite last minute when it comes to Christmas planning.

Thankfully though, we moved to the Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Capital of the World! So getting a Christmas tree this year was as easy as taking a walk around our land and finding the perfect one!

Tundra helped to pick out our perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree to dig up! And since we've been so focused on renovations lately, it was only fitting that our last minute tree temporarily live in a drywall bucket! We'll replant it after Christmas, but for now it's brightening up our little home.

We ended up taking the full day off of work to add another layer of celebrations to our day...

A tree had fallen down in the campground in last week's winds. Kalen decided to grab the chainsaw and the truck to clean it up, so that he would be fuel for our very own blue-collar hot rub!

We have a livestock water trough as a rustic tub in our school bus. It's not hooked up yet though, so Kalen pulled it out and propped it up with cinder blocks on top of a fire. He stacked extra bricks to form a chimney, and throughout the afternoon slowly melted snow into hot water.

By the evening, we had our very own outdoor hot tub!

Needless to say, our first Christmas here is off to a great start! We hope that no matter what your celebrations look like this year, that you make time to adventure outdoors and have fun with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Kalen, Jamie Lee, Dewey and Tundra


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