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Meet The Team

On this rainy day, we thought we’d take the time to tell you a little bit more about ourselves and how we got here!

We are Kalen, Jamie Lee and Dewey, and Tundra. Last month we sold our house (and most of our belongings!) in London, Ontario for the opportunity to own and operate the LaHave River Campground. We packed up our skoolie bus and our pets, and hit the road!

And we know many of you want to know why? The short answer is we were tired. We were tired of city life, tired of work taking all of our energy, tired of commuting and being apart. And life is too short to not live your best life!

So here we are at our new home at 1781 Newburne Road! We absolutely LOVE being in nature at the campground and the warm sense of community here is unmatched.

Thank you to everyone who has made us feel welcomed, and we look forward to more fond memories ahead!

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