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Meet Our Animal Family!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

During your stay at LaHave River campground, you may run into our animal family so we thought it was time for a formal introduction!



🐶 Mom is a Lab, Dad is a Husky, they were neighbours

🍼 Came from a litter of 13 puppies!

🏡 Loves being with his family, literally beside them

🦴 Misses all the treaties he used to get from campers

🐿 Is loving running free, chasing chippies though

💧Fav activity is swimming, was in the river yesterday!

💤 Enjoys curling up with someone for a nap after

🥩 Recently switched to human food, loves it

🧁 Celebrates his 4th birthday next month!



😽 The OG fur baby, he’s 11 years old

🙎‍♀️ A big Mama’s boy, only likes Jamie Lee

🔥 Loves sitting shockingly close to the fire

🍦 And cooling down with frozen treats

🛏 Lover of long naps, stealing pillow space

🪟 Can often see him at windows, watching 🐤

😿 Or hear him crying cause Mom left

❤️ Easily appeased with treats and snuggles



8️⃣ Is 8 years old, middle child of the fam!

✂️ Extremely fluffy, often needs a haircut

🦁 Yes, we’ve shaved her as a lion before!

🗣 Talkative, will greet you with a meow

👕 Enjoys long naps on her family’s clothing

🚰 Loves drinking water from the tap

🍗 Will beg for meats and cheeses 🧀

🪳 Quite the huntress, kills all house bugs 👌


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