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2016 Campground Rules and Sitemap

Lahave River Campground – Rules
We thank you for visiting with us and hope you enjoy your stay. In order to make everyone’s visit enjoyable we ask that you review and adhere to the following rules.

•You must be 19+ years to register
•Each site is allowed one RV/Trailer or tent. One family per site. Family consists of 2 adults (parents) and up to four children. Extra adults will be charged $5.00 per person. Children are not to be left in the park without adult supervision.
•Check in 1:00 pm / Check out time is noon
All visitors are to register at the office. We will not be accepting any visitors after 9:00pm and all visitors are expected to leave by 11:00pm. Charge for over night guests is $5.00 per adult and $2.00 per child.
Vehicle Tags. All vehicles need to have a car tag visible from their rear view mirror. Any vehicles without a tag may be towed at the owners expense.
•Only one vehicle is allowed per site. Extra vehicles must be parked in visitor parking found outside the office or beside The Shelter.
•Registered campers are responsible for the observance of the rules by themselves, their family and their guests. Campers who fail to abide by or abuse the park rules and fail to co-operate with management will receive notice to leave.
•Campers are to pay full cost of damage to park or equipment by them, members of their group or their pets.
Speed limit is 10 km/h
Quiet time is midnight. No singing, playing music or loud talking. Excessive noise is prohibited at any time.
Recycling is mandatory in Lunenburg County. There are bins at the foot of the main driveway for compost (green) recycling (blue) garbage (brown) and hazardous material (orange). Please do not put your large garbage / recycling bags in the small bins located throughout the campground.
Do not burn garbage or leave it in the fire pits. All garbage must go in bags and disposed of in the proper bins at the foot of the driveway.
•Sewage tanks are not to be discharged on the park grounds or into the river. A portable dump tank is available at the office if you need to dump before you leave.
•Bicycles must be back on your lot by dusk.
•Campfires are permitted in the designated fire pits. Firewood is available at the office. Do not cut any trees for firewood. Do not leave your fire unattended and make sure it is extinguished before retiring.
Dogs are more than welcome at this campground. Please keep your dog on a leash, and clean up after them. Also have them refrain from excessive barking.
•There are no fireworks allowed in the campground except for those organized by campground management.
•No one without a valid drivers license may drive in the campground. ATV’s are not to be driven on campground property.
Alcohol consumed in the common areas of the park must be either in glasses or in bottle / can cover.
No refunds will be given for early departure.
•Please bring any complaints or park issues to management’s attention immediately so that they can be addressed or resolved with as little impact as possible to camper’s enjoyment of their stay.

Office Hours
Mon to Thurs – 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Friday / Saturday – 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday – 10:00 am to 7:00 pm