Monthly Archives: May 2011

Camping Season 2011

Camping season for 2011 has started.

We’ve had a couple of great weekends so far. Even though the sun hasn’t come out, the rain has stayed away for the most part on the weekends.

We had a little mishap over the winter and our shelter roof couldn’t handle the weight of the snow and collapsed. We took our lemons and made some sweet lemonade. During the “replace the roof” work we were able to add an additional 8 feet to the floor space. It added a whole lot of space for those pot luck suppers and dances. We’d like to thank Jamie and Terry for all of their hard work getting this done for us.

Speaking of dances, Shane rocked the house on the Saturday night of the long weekend. Everyone had a great time as usual.

We will be holding our yearly campers meeting on June 4th at 10am to discuss the activities for the rest of the season. Once we get them geared up, we’ll post them for all to see.