We don’t break guitars at Lahave River Campground

HA HA. Have you guys seen this yet?

Dave Carroll from The Sons of Maxwell, was travelling with United Airlines last year and watched the baggage handlers throw his $3500 Taylor guitar around. Which of course broke it. He spent a year trying to get United to pay for the repairs and they refused.

He finally used what he knows best and wrote a song and posted the video to http://www.youtube.com/.

Last I checked there was 466,000 hits on the video and had gone up 30,000 hits just in the ten minutes we watched the video a couple of times.

It’s a catchy tune, and the video is a riot and is bringing Sons of Maxwell lots and lots of publicity. Good for them, because they are a great band.

Anyway, for your listening and viewing pleasure, here’s the video.

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