Victoria Day Weekend

The campground is coming along nicely. Everything should be spickety span clean for the first long weekend of the season. Warren and Iris, the old owners, have worked really hard getting everything ready for us, and answering all of our questions.

Luc and I were out and about on Tuesday and got the chance to meet and talk to a few of the seasonal campers yesterday.

I love the Farmers Almanac, so I will be quoting from it regularly. Here is some May information. For Atlantic Canada, May 10 – 16th will have scattered showers and be cool. For the 17th to the 20th, it says there will be sprinkles and be warm. Warm is good right?
From the Almanac, here is the weather rhyme for May

Misty and mild,
then showers in batches;
batten down the
Thunder rumbling,
but no more grumbling:
It’s too fine to
A little gloomier,
but every orchard
is looking gloomier

Here’s a website I use a lot in the summer while camping.

I really enjoy looking at the stars and planets in the sky around a campfire. And I look up Halifax for a specific time, print it off and then when the time comes, I can point out the different objects in the sky.

Here is what you will see in our sky Saturday evening, about 10:30pm.

Well, that’s all for now I guess, I gotta go pack and pack up the car and get ready to hit the road in the morning. Looking forward to a great weekend, and I hope to get to meet lots of people.

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