Parade Day

Lahave River Campground had their annual parade tonight. We didn’t have a huge turnout, but the parade watchers sure had a ball watching it.

Here are some pics.

The boys leading the parade with the Lahave River Campground flag

Luc chauffering our mascot, Burnie the Bear.

The ladies from the stitch and bitch showing off their wonderful quilts and afghans. They were even throwing candy to the crowd. No wonder they took first place.

Here are a couple of kids dressed up. One is dressed as a mexican, and I didn’t catch what the other kid was dressed up as.

This is Richard and friend. He was a rice picker, and she was a bag of rice. They won third prize.

Some kids joined in the parade once it got under way.

Ah yes. Our second place winner. He was the wild thing. He got a big roar from the crowd.

That was our parade this year.

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