Our first weekend down

How much fun was that? We had the greatest time. The seasonal campers are an awesome group of people. We couldn’t ask for better seasonals. Yay, you guys. We even had a great turnout of weekenders too. Even though the weather wasn’t great.

The heavy rain did manage to stay away until Sunday night.

The kids were a great help in the office, and they hosted a kids mini golf tournament on Sunday afternoon. We even had prizes.

There were card games and crafting going on in the rec hall. The campers even managed to get in some guitar playing between rain drops. I guess I’ll have to practice lots so I can join them. And I mean LOTS.

Looking forward to more of the same next weekend. But hopefully with some sunshine.

Forgot to mention. I think there is going to be a meeting for the seasonal campers on May 31st. It will be held on Saturday night. Details will be posted on the bulletin boards.

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