Foil packets

aka bacon makes everything taste better. HA.

I’ve always had problems with foil packets. Especially with potatos. They always, always, always stick to the foil and you end up either eating foil (so gross) or wasting half of the potatos. It doesn’t matter how much I prepared the foil with butter or oil or precooked the potatos, they always stick.

The cure, is bacon. I still get a few stuck, but nowhere near wasting half of them. I just chop up a few slices of bacon and put some down before I put the potatos and whatever else I’m putting in the packets, and then put some on top. And the bacon flavour really does well mixed with the veggies too.

In my foil packets I usually put potatos, onions, bacon and cheese. mm mm good.

Other suggestions for foil packets are;

mushrooms and onions
chicken and corn
meatballs, peppers and onions
peaches and maple syrup
apples and brown sugar
ham and pineapple rings
Sausage patty, frozen hash browns and egg
salmon, ranch dressing, veg
salmon, maple syrup and veg

Let me know how your foil packets turn out.

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