Easy Pasta Salad

I’m all about quick and easy when it comes to camping and cooking. It really sucks to have to spend an hour cooking or barbecueing when you have guests or great weather or just plain old stuff to do.

Here’s a really easy pasta salad recipe that doesn’t take a lot of time, doesn’t take a lot of ingredients, and if you are in the vacinity of a veggie stand, you get to contribute to the local economy by buying local produce.

Prepare your favorite pasta for as much as you need. A 900g box will do a large salad to feed probably 6 or 8 people. I like using penne or shells. Rotini would be good too.

Once it’s cooked and drained toss in some grape tomatos and english cucumber chunks to your preference. Top with Sundried Tomato and Oregano dressing. Chill and you are good to go.

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