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Campground ratings

So Luc and I were at the Nova Scotia Quality Visitor Services Society’s AGM on Sunday, November 29th. They are responsible for developing, and rating programs for accommodations and campgrounds in Nova Scotia.

Quality Visitor Services (QVS) is an independent, non-profit society delivering nationally accepted quality programs to assist the traveling and vacationing public.
QVS assists Nova Scotia accommodation operators in developing, maintaining & improving their accommodations in areas that are meaningful to the traveller while improving thier competitive position in the worldwide tourism industry.
QVS offers three national programs; Canada Select for Hotels, Motels, B&B’s etc; Camping Select for Campgrounds; and Access Canada for standards for people with special needs and disabilities.

Our campground is a member of Camping Select. We had a choice of that or the CAA program. I don’t know CAA for accommodations just doesn’t seem right, and I’m not sure how much clout the CAA program has for campgrounds.

Where would you go looking for a recommendation for a campground? CAA or Camping Select?

Our Camping Select ratings are 2.5 for facilities and 2 for recreation. Compared to other campgrounds in the area (South Shore), we are better than average. (Average for facilities is 2.36 and 1.33 for recreation) I think that’s pretty cool.

If you are interested in reading up on the campground standards, here is the link